At Cranford Engineering we have comprehensive design and machining facilities enabling a wide variety of services and benefits. Metalwork is our passion. We can repair, modify, craft or bring your ideas to life.


Our skills include:

  • CAD design and 3D modelling using up to date software.
  • CNC machining: i.e. CNC turning, CNC milling and CNC spark erosion.
  • Producing machined parts using powerful machines and specialist machining software.
  • A comprehensive spark erosion service with fast turnaround using conventional copper or carbon electrodes (customers own electrodes are acceptable).
  • Bead blasting i.e. cleaning surfaces by the impact of very fine glass beads carried by a jet of compressed air (small dry items only).
  • TIG welding of steels and alloys including aluminium and magnesium.
  • Manual drilling, turning, milling (turret/universal) and fitting.
  • Bespoke Parts manufactured to customers specifications.
  • Skimming cylinder headsflywheels, brake discs and brake drums.
  • Removing broken taps, drills, studs and bolts.
  • Keyway machining.
  • Thread forming and thread repair.
  • Helicoiling. We have a large range of helicoils.
  • Equipment repair and reverse engineering.
  • Waterjet profiling (through our partner Fibrefusion Ltd)

General engineering and machining has become a major contributor to the success of Cranford Engineering. We do CNC machining,  fitting and machining, welding repairs and one off production. We have been helping out local businesses and individuals for many years and our range of skills has grown with our customer base. We are always willing to take on something that might be out of the ordinary.

Screw cutting on our Harrison Alpha 550

We can can almost any internal or external thread …

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