Reface Pontiac straight eight manifold set

Wow! That’s not something that we see many of. A Pontiac straight Eight. We have been asked by a Local enthusiast, Neil, to work on a couple of engine parts. Firstly, the cylinder head and secondly the manifold set. The side valve cylinder head is just that… the capping block of the cylinder block with no moving parts.

very long cylinder head
1953 Straight 8 Pontiac Head

The manifold set has been causing problems for Neil for many years. The inlet manifold and the exhaust manifold were not correctly aligned, this means that the inlet manifold was holding the exhaust manifold off the engine face with the result that it was forever leaking and blowing exhaust gas from the joint. At last he has brought it in and we’ve refaced the two as a pair.

Cleaned up manifold set
Inlet and exhaust manifold set – now refaced level and true.
Trimmer in operation
8 cylinder 1953 Pontiac manifold set being machined

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