steel clamp

304 Stainless steel handset clamp.


Polishing and final preparation to graphite electrode.

Graphite electrode undergoing final polishing before use.


Exhaust silencer mounted Ronart logo. Backfilled and polished.

Ronart logo, CNC machined then carefully backfilled with heatproof paint, polished and mounted in the exhaust silencer.


Rust combustion zone on three cylinder head.

Badly corroded and damaged cylinder head.


Black anodised aluminium mast step.

Aluminium mast step designed and machined in house. Just back from anodising.


Breather caps CNC machined from aluminium billet

Two oil breather caps in the same style as originally fitted to an old Ferrari.


Aluminium pump adaptor

Aluminium pump adaptor


CNC Milling

CNC Milling


Big lathe capacity

we can turn 610 mm over the bed and 830 mm through the gap on our biggest lathe


mild steel fuel rail

End view of fuel rail


Telecentric arms in aircraft grade aluminium

Telecentric arms designed by the customer but machined on our vertical machining centre.


Keyway machining

Keyway cut into a hardened steel supercharger drive wheel


Two cavity

Two cavity stinger tool for 200 tonne press


Spark eroision of broken injector

A broken injector is being carefully removed on our spark erosion machine. The spark eroder is very accurate and when properly set up, can remove broken screws, injectors or glow plugs without damage to the cylinder head.


Flywheel being faced off using carbide tooling on our large lathe

Flywheel refacing on our Alpha 550 CNC/Manual lathe


Tunnel bellows milling

15 cavity bellows tooling at the milling stage. Designed on our CAD CAM system and machined on the Takumi Seiki Vertical Machining Centre.


tunnel bellows being sparked

The same 15 cavity tool at the sparking stage of production. This is now nearing finish, note the fine sheen of the cavities which is typical of the sparking process.


Close up of fine grained finish

Close up of fine grained finish.


52mm steel drive couple in design

CAD version of steel drive coupler during the design stage.


Steel drive couplers for an automotive application

A pair of drive couplers designed and made at Cranford Engineering.


Alum,inium boat drain plugs.

A pair of boat drain plugs made from 5083 Marine grade aluminium. Each one has an O ring groove for maximum sealing.


Quick release Steering boss

Quick release steering boss for a track race car.
Designed and made by Cranford Engineering for Miracco racing.


Milling Quick change blocks

Milling locking angles on quick change blocks.


quick change blocks 1

Milling locking angles on quick change blocks. Overhead view.


Toolmaker's essential equipment

Toolmaker’s essential equipment.


Takumi Seiki V8a at Cranford Engineering

CNC Milling at Cranford Engineering.


TIG welding of an alloy wheel.

TIG welding of an alloy wheel.


Shim winding machine

Winding machine