Cylinder Head Skimming

Cranford Engineering is the quickest place around to come for cylinder head skimming.

cylinder head being machined
Skimming tool passing over a cylinder head
Rust combustion zone on three cylinder head.
Badly corroded and damaged cylinder head.

The practice of refacing cylinder heads is sometimes called cylinder head skimming or cylinder head machining. Whatever term you favour, the process is identical. It’s the flattening of the face of the cylinder head that mates up to the cylinder block. Most (but not all) engines have a cylinder head gasket sandwiched between the head and the block. Over time, or through overheating, some heads can become slightly twisted, warped, dished or damaged by corrosion.

Some heads can be damaged by the cylinder liners moving slightly in the cylinder block. Refacing the mating face can cure most of these developed faults though badly corroded cylinder heads may need to be welded before they are machined. We can weld and repair aluminium heads too if needs be.

First pass monitoring
Our skilled operative carefully monitors the first pass of the skimming tool.

Most cylinder heads have combustion chambers. The skimming operation will result in a reduction in volume of the combustion chamber thereby giving an increase in compression ratio (the ratio of swept volume to combustion volume).  This can have the added bonus of increasing power and fuel efficiency.

The benefits of coming to Cranford Engineering for your cylinder head refacing:

    • Really fast turnaround: Sometimes you can even get a while-you-wait service though diesel engine heads can take a little longer
    • Cost effective: From £40 plus vat.
    • Diesel engine cylinder heads can be machined even if they have steel combustion pots
    • V6 cylinder heads and V8 cylinder heads have the same amount removed from each head
    • Straight 6 heads also catered for
    • Good surface finish
    • Comprehensive welding and skimming service
    • Minimum material removed unless more is requested
    • Increased compression ratio


cut inspection
Cylinder head cutting conditions being inspected by one of our experienced staff
Engine Block Machining / Engine Block Facing
Engine Block Machining / Engine Block Facing

We can also reface engine blocks or machine them as you require. You will need to strip nearly everything off them. If in doubt, ask.



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